Ioan Șerbu was born in 1983, in Agnita, Sibiu. He was a member of the Zona Nouă literary circle and he won various prizes for poetry and short stories. His first poetry book, Lego, was published in 2014. He is now writing articles for „Timpul” magazine and he is also a PhD student at the Transilvania University of Brașov.

Ioan Șerbu s-a născut în 1983 în Agnita, județul Sibiu; a făcut parte din cenaclul Zona Nouă și a luat premii la nenumărate concursuri pentru poezie și proză scurtă. A debutat cu Lego în 2014, iar în prezent scrie la „Timpul” și este student-doctorand la Universitatea Transilvania din Brașov.


my girlfriend from the seventh grade

a chick checks me online asking me how am I
she’s my first girlfriend from the seventh grade
back then we sat cornerwise
she – on the window row, me – on the row on the middle
and we had like an eye contact code
the first to look away
had to raise the hand and answer
in two days I messed up my academic record
the day after she broke her leg in the bathtub
I pictured her naked for months and months
with her plasterd leg, sexier than ever
long time after I tried to live again the same emotions
but no other girlfriend wanted to break her leg for me
a sprain at least

told her I was fine