Lieke Marsman (1990) is a Dutch poet, living in Amsterdam. In 2010 she published her first book, Wat ik mijzelf graag voorhoud. Starting January 2013, Marsman has been one of the editors of Tirade literary magazine. In 2014 she published her second book, De eerste letter.

Lieke Marsman (1990) este o poetă olandeză și trăiește în Amsterdam . În 2010 debutează cu Wat ik mijzelf graag voorhoud. Începând cu ianuarie 2013, Marsman face parte din echipa redacțională a revistei literare Tirade. În 2014 a publicat un al doilea volum, De eerste letter.



If you’re going to act like this I’ll have to point out your resemblance
to a slice of bread that’s been dragged through water, I don’t mean
a muddy slice of french toast but a bun gone bad down the sink.
If you’re going to leave it up to me I’ll start to have doubts – the difference
between anxiety and love is not a physiological fact but the result
of psychological interpretation, my friend in therapy has told me
and I am a real thinker, so I’ve got a problem. For fun

we used to mix up titles of famous books, One hundred years of Cholera, Love
in times of solitude – is dangerous, I want to say, in times
of solitude something that isn’t love at all can start to seem
like a feeling that grows bigger and bigger in you, that is
indeed confusing, but it’s not love. If you’re going to act funny now
I’ll feel obliged to send you a smiley of a drooling dog, that’s funny,

if you’re going to be difficult about this I’ll doubtlessly have eight reasons
disproving your position and I’d like to name them here 1)
I can’t stand the thought of a ‘now’ and would like to push that thought
in front of me dragging you behind it 2) I know a secret about you
that you yourself can’t reach yet but I don’t want to share it 3) I am
a loser for whom the difference between love and sex is not
to be my part, a detached house done living, an almost

empty office where nothing rests but pianosounds, black coffee
and the black in front of my eyes is swarming 4) your favorite author
has an extensive bibliography with a couple of apogees
but I can name at least five writers who I think are better 5) I cannot
make a birdhouse for you, however – I was bragging 6) your salami spaghetti
is alright but my Kaiserschmarrn is unsurpassable 7) being content is
less happy that extasis, true, but still my highest goal in life so I’d rather

sit still in front of my rotten windowsills than end up moaning
in between your stainless sheets 8) you say that I’m a lucky thing, I am
in fact a crying object. But should you ever get that feeling
that you’re a useless person on a useless day again, consider
reading one of those literary classics, it might help you, sweetheart.